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About Us

The Surgical Clinic Shibpur

“Complete and affordable gastro care under one roof ” is the basic concept behind The Surgical Clinic.

The Surgical Clinic is the only clinic in Howrah which caters to all needs of patients with Gastroenterological, Urological problems.

Patients can avoid the undue hustle and excessive waiting times in a multi speciality hospital and avail world class services in a homely comfortable atmosphere.

We focus on patient interaction where by the patient is comfortable with the doctor, who has time to listen to the patient’s problems and the doctor tries to explain the basic nature of the disease to every patient so that the patients are also equally involved in care and aware of need for medicines and follow up.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Surgical Clinic Shibpur is to improve the health of our community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in patient care. Specifically, we aim:

To be the world's preeminent health care institution

To provide the highest quality care and service for all people in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human illness

To operate cooperatively and interdependently with the faculty of The Surgical Clinic Shibpur to support education in the health professions and research development into the causes and treatment of human illness

To be the leading health care institution in the application of discovery

To attract and support physicians and other health care professionals of the highest character and greatest skill

Hospital AIM

The Surgical Clinic Shibpur is commited to provide excellence in medical care at reasonable cost.To provide facilities and amenities that promote the highest quality care, afford solace and enhance the surrounding community.

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